Learn how to promote yourself, your business or event for Social Media applications.

Technology is changing everyday and reshaping our culture and future. Your message should be changing as well in both content and delivery. With the onslaught of social media, words are fewer and more powerful forcing us into a sense of smaller messages. Short Talking Points™ and sound bites are becoming the new normal. And that is exactly what you need to do to market yourself and get publicity for your business or product.

Our POWER-UP One Minute Video™ process helps you learn what is important to get your story told quickly, to the point and highlight your competitive advantage. Our small group training helps you understand what to say and how to deliver your message effectively. We help you write, shoot and produce a one-minute video about yourself or your company in one day. Workshop includes valuable tips, techniques, a step-by-step workbook guide and finished professional video of your choice. We provide professional camera-person, background, lighting and help you craft and deliver your script.

Power-Up Videos

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