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Dr. James Saikin

BOD, CEO, CIO, COO, CTO, Managing Partner
About Me

As an experienced Chief Executive Officer, Global Strategist, Intellectual Property Management Consultant and Technology Futurist degreed in law and physics, James focuses on senior level strategy with an emphasis on developing products and services of technically distinctive companies in the areas of new product development, research and engineering. His more than 20 years of multi-cultural international business experience provides a solid foundation for globalization of strategies.

James excels at solutions encompassing the full range of tools necessary to take a company’s intellectual property, product development, engineering, and R & D to the next level. His structured approach is built upon a methodology based on Technology, Operations, Processes and Strategy, called TOPS™.

James understands the interplay of licensing agreements with commercialization strategies and litigation. His expertise draws on his international merger and acquisition legal background but he approaches technology development, commercialization, licensing, and branding from a business and product development perspective.

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