Chief Executive Connections develops Intellectual Property Strategy by determining the future potential of technology and its value to stakeholders.


If you have Intellectual Property you need a long term strategic plan to protect your assets. We specialize in preparing a Strategic Intellectual Plan by helping clients identify, develop and market products and technologies for maximum market defining growth. We work with R&D & Engineering pushing products to Production & Manufacturing developing IP.

Intellectual Property increases the valuation and can ratchet up the capitalization of any company. IP tells potential investors that technology has been vetted, which reduces the risk of their investment.

Developing new technologies may be necessary to a company’s survival in the short term and strategies for achieving, greater value, steeper growth and more significant and robust technologies, products, and processes for the long term.


We focus on determining the commercial value of our client’s IP portfolio and review likely competitors’ patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets to determine the strength and advantage of our client’s products in the marketplace.  We determine the validity of competitive patents and review the landscape to determine if a third party IP would block the commercialization of our client’s products.

Chief Executive Connection’s strategic look ahead encompasses the potential interferences and how best to navigate those future concerns. This allows us to suggest possible design-around options.  We review IP agreements to determine any potential problems with ownership and unexpected royalty obligations. We understand the need to prepare Non-Disclosure Agreements for our clients prior to discussions with interested third parties, but we are also savvy enough to suggest the drafting and filing of a provisional patent along with the NDA to provide strength to the negotiations and raise the value of those discussions.

We perform IP audits and complete due diligence reviews for Private Equity Firms, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. We tailor the due diligence process to the size and scope of each transaction. As Negotiators, we assist in understanding what the opposing party is thinking, helping clients prepare Letters of Intent, Term Sheets or Memorandums of Understanding. We have experience in conducting both buyer and sell side IP due diligence, including hands-on experience as both buyers and sellers of businesses and IP portfolios. We have worked with University Incubators, and early stage start-up clients creating emerging or disruptive new technologies. We assist clients in positioning for later exit strategies.

Our expertise in licensing Patents and Trademarks is extensive, from software to plastics, from medical devices to engineering services. We perform a series of other functions including:

In some cases, licensing IP assets requires the threat or initiation of litigation.  For clients looking to sell some or all of their IP portfolio, we can identify the likely bidders, prepare the necessary offering memoranda, offer the portfolio to prospective buyers and attempt to initiate a bidding war, negotiate the deal, negotiate the assignment documents, and manage the exchange of IP assets and consideration.

Valuation and Commercialization

We work with clients to ensure proper protections are in place on current Intellectual Property. We also help companies choose between trade secret and patent protection for proprietary innovations. By helping to identify and protect those assets that are best protected as trade secrets, we help build and maintain a diverse class of intellectual property.

Our Trade Secret Services include:

Chief Executive Connections seeks to define the latent value of Intellectual Property, whether it be protecting proprietary trade secrets, developing robust Intellectual Property technologies and products, driving product development from R&D, through engineering and production into manufacturing or developing ways to package the product for client use.

With the ability to change culture, drive technology and capture value, Chief Executive Connections turns strategy and innovation into value drivers for our clients. Let’s visit about your strategy.


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