Chief Executive Connections focuses on Innovation.  Product Innovation Development, Intellectual Property Creation and Commercialization through the development of long term Strategic Analysis drives products and technologies out of Research and Development.

We assist in licensing negotiations to help in patent preparation. We understand that drafting comprehensive claims requires an understanding of downstream re-examination issues or potential litigation issues. What is sometimes a perfectly well written claim by an experienced patent attorney can be a nightmare for a patent litigator.

Chief Executive Connections works strategically to develop Intellectual Property Action Plans, maintain an active program of commercialization, monitor patent feature sets and extend product development to capitalize on more robust features and innovations.

Our execution and strategic plans determine the marketability, branding and roll-out of products based on developing the greatest breadth of reasonable specifications for patent applications as well as drafting claims that support later generated divisional patents.

We leverage resources from a product development and research perspective through a series of processes that differentiate our clients by both time to money and time to market domestically and internationally.

We assist clients in licensing trademarks for branding purposes and revenue generation. We use proprietary techniques to assist counsel in drafting applications, validate technology, visualize missing elements, and negotiate licensing of patents and trademarks for commercialization.

We may assist in-house legal staff and provide an extra pair of experienced hands in many different situations where your staff may require assistance:




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