Global Business Intelligence is critical. Your head is down. You are driven. Focused. Visionary. Leading with passion and purpose, but are you aware of what is percolating in the global marketplace?


Global business is inevitable, and will be essential to the success for U.S. companies moving forward. 95 percent of the worlds consumers and 73 percent of the world’s purchasing power lies outside the United States.

To compete globally requires a different flight plan for success. Whether exporting, establishing branches or factories, franchising or partnering with firms overseas; importing raw materials, components or finished products for resale in the United States – there are new levels of complexity to business operations that must be addressed.

Our Global Business Intelligence platform provides timely and succinct business intelligence to accelerate your growth. As executives demand critical information to seize opportunities a full range of tools is necessary to take a company, their intellectual property, product development, engineering and Research & Development to global markets.

Chief Executive Connections offers Import/Export training coupled with access to business intelligence through LIVE streaming country data and industry specific analysis. The most critical data located in one online resource.

We offer:

A comprehensive and consistent world view is critical to success. Entering new markets opens the possibilities of increasing profits. GO SMART! 


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