Control your reputation or the market may do it for you.


What is Executive Branding?

Executive Branding is the art of intentionally designing marketing messages that define what kind of leader you are. It’s communicating what value you bring to the market or company you work for and what others may expect from you (including the public perception).

Positioning your Executive Brand should start with what makes you different. How do you stand out? Why should people and prospective employers care, and what do they receive from interacting with you? Every feature, skill, competency, and experience should have a benefit. When you combine these important messages over time, the long-term payoff is that your network comes to know, identify with, and understand what you stand for as a leader – even if they don’t know you personally.

Take Steve Jobs for example. His Executive Brand was maverick entrepreneur; relentless driver of engineering excellence; uncompromising negotiator; and unapologetic perfectionist.

In each and every interaction online, an executive has the ability to build their personal brand with sharp intention.

Getting started
The first step to crafting and owning your Executive Brand is securing your name as a dotCEO or domain. Mine is MonicaConey.CEO & A personal domain address automatically positions you as a leader. These websites gives you complete control over the messaging, look and feel of your Executive Brand allowing you to demonstrate value, generate interest, and continually sell your brand to a targeted audience that wants to know you.

Crafting your message and consistently marketing yourself year after year is what brands you. Brands are not reputations. Reputation is about the past. Brands are what is or will be.

What does the future hold for you? Take time today and be prepared. Visit MonicaConey.CEO and click the “Join Me” link or to get started.

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