You work hard to get customers but do you really understand the Customer Journey?  

Customers are the source of real growth. Crafting a great customer experience requires enormous amounts of collaboration across groups in a company that often work independently and at different stages. In many cases marketing, product design, customer services, sales, advertising agency, retail partners must all be working in concert to create even a single touch point. The gap between the experience that customers want and what brands actually deliver highlights the critical need to make progress in driving Customer Experience.

Despite the emergence of digital technologies, one thing remains true in the business world: word of mouth is the best type of marketing.  Chief Executive Connections works with you to build an understanding of your existing customer experience and identify ways to improve it.  We help you evaluate and analyze the journey your customers take and what steps, activities, questions, barriers and emotions come up throughout it.   Next we’ll look at how you provide touch points —products, web sites, advertising, call center, etc. — that support the customer through their journey.  Lastly we’ll see how integrated ecosystems of products, software and services open up new possibilities for customer journeys and experiences in ways that more isolated touch points cannot.

A great experience with a company is what really motivates customers to talk about a brand with their friends, family and peers. Prioritizing customer experience over sales and marketing is particularly important because of the high costs of going after new customers.  Let’s face it – your brand is defined by the customer experience.


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