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Training is essential to your business. It’s really not debatable. Build your brand from the inside out.

Good training is just as important as a good benefits package.  Excellent training programs emphasize a correlation between personal development and official evaluations, allowing an employee to discern that career growth and success means evolving their expertise with training.

Here’s a thought, you might actually make your employees better at their job. In addition, the right kind of perspective is a hard thing to cultivate. Employees are more loyal and dedicated when they feel you value their growth. Cultivating and training employees results in better performance and decreased turnover at any company, no matter how small or large.

Improving employee skills is not only about improving skills related to their specific role, but also their interpersonal and communication skills. A person can be average in their field skills, but an excellent communicator with fantastic people skills is an asset. These kinds of employees tend to fit better with a company. Other skills that should be emphasized is time management, how to deal with conflict and how to build a strong team.

How do you begin to create a training program appropriate to your company? Detailed analysis and your current employees are a good place to start.  Ask them what works and what does not. Ask them what kinds of things would help them improve because the right kinds of questions provide a company with a great return. Companies that engage in training, particularly the big ones, it can be little more than an exercise in box-checking. They often rope employees into awful webinars and rickety online training software. Don’t be that company!

Training helps establish a consistent culture. Many people at many companies already have specific processes, habits, a certain unique way of doing things — in short, a culture. If everyone is on the same page on that culture, your organization will work better.

Do you want your company’s culture to be more than just a certain way of doing things? Maybe you want it to be about certain values. It starts by actually training people on it and actually enforcing the culture’s values.

Here’s your bonus. Training is great for recruiting and retention. Once your company becomes known as a place that has training as a large part of its culture, talented people will want to work with you because they know they will grow with you. Probably the only thing harder than hiring great employees is holding on to them. Great employees usually enjoy the psychic benefits of their jobs as much, if not more than, the paycheck. If your culture is focused on training, great employees will want to stick with you, come rain or shine.

It’s really simple. If you are the CEO, you should absolutely lead by example and please, train your employees.

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