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Simple reminders that might make you take pause…

Make family time a priority and stick to it (no exceptions). Your kids will be gone sooner than you think and the relationship with your spouse /partner requires your attention;

Focus on quality not quantity time with people you care about and make the effort to keep the relationship going even if there are wide gaps in between when you see each other;

Seek out, befriend and learn from other people who use their time well – they are always easy to identify and exposure to them will help you;

Avoid taking on more obligations than you can reasonably handle – learn to say no;

Don’t become a slave to your kids activities – less is more and they need down time as well;

Create daily “to do” list and prioritize action items as best you can;

Be more realistic about deadlines and how much effort it takes to get something done. Always build in a cushion;

If you don’t know how to do something seek out help and/or think it through first – learning as you go can waste alot of time;

Always ask yourself if you are the best person to take on a particular assignment/activity or is there someone else more available, qualified or effective at doing it;

Try not to do too many things at once – it’s been proven that multitasking doesn’t work;

Schedule free/fun/exercise time or it won’t happen; Have I mentioned CalamityGym?

Take a full lunch break every day- it gives your body and brain the ability to relax and recharge in the middle of the day;

Forget the “open door” policy or at least minimize it. Everyone is better at focusing when they minimize distractions. People will find you if they truly need to otherwise these interactions should be managed;

Only check your email/voice mail/text messages at certain times during the day. Don’t give the impression that you are always accessible and instantly responsive (and don’t expect this of others);

Create boundaries such as not working after a certain time of day and not staying up too late if you have to work the next day;

Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and get out the door and manage your commute – there’s nothing worse from a time management perspective than starting the day stressed for a self-imposed reason.

Always have something to look forward to that makes all your hard work worthwhile and focuses your efforts accordingly.

What words of wisdom do you have to share?

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