Everyone has a great strategy, the difference is execution.

Chief Executive Connections is a highly consultative, executive resource firm focused on delivering results and accelerating clients’ desired outcome. Our team is:

Business savvy. We have been around the block enough to have credibility and are invigorated by the idea of solving business issues.

Entrepreneurs and leaders with a heart for helping others succeed. We appreciate the courage, enthusiasm and even idiosyncrasies of others. We share the due diligence burden and the information/opinions of other’s perspective, expertise and experience.

Well connected. We are active and involved in the community. We sit on boards and volunteer time for causes and organizations that are close to our heart.

Engaged in provocative conversations. We ask curious questions, press for clarity, pay fierce attention to what is being said.

Changing the world. We are motivated by having an impact on others. We are natural mentors and business advisors. We enjoy helping others build better businesses and lead richer lives.

Monica Coney
Chief Ringleader, CRO, Entrepreneur
Dr. James Saikin
BOD, CEO, CIO, COO, CTO, Managing Partner
Executive Advisors
Author, BOD, CEO, Chairman, CIO, Co-Founder, COO, CRO, CTO, Entrepreneur, HR, Managing Partner

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